Update 6/04/17: Daisy has been adopted! 28705370391_6aea3ec803_k

Daisy came to us from another rescue in the western part of Virginia, who pulled her from the shelter where she was slated to be euthanized, and transferred her to SOHO.


So why Daisy the Amazing? Because this girl is honestly the happiest dog you’ll ever meet. Give her a treat and she will cha-cha around you like she’s a born dancer. Give her a bed to lie on and she will be all over it. Give her a toy and it’s the best toy EVER. She will also make a toy out of anything (like a sock) and toss it up in the air, then shake it like it’s going out of style. She loves it when you play with her, and will take toys to other dogs as well to ask them to play.


She already knows and obeys the hand signals for “come”, “sit”, “paw”, and “crate”, and is working on learning “down” and “stay”.