Meet Coleman and adoptable deaf a 1.5-year old male bully mix (may have some Lab in him) who weighs about 55 pounds. Coleman is looking for a dog savvy forever home with someone who will make positive reinforcement sign training/enrichment a priority and always keep him safe. After being found as a stray, he had a long stay in a holding facility until landing a spot in a Peabody area shelter.

There, his game-winning personality quickly emerged as did confirmation that he is deaf. This is not uncommon with white dogs such as boxers and pitties, but it sure doesn’t bother the Cole Man. His waggly, wiggly happy nature doesn’t miss a beat, just like his namesake Derrick Coleman.

When evaluated he did really well being handled. His body was relaxed and he did fine with his food being handled. At his current facility he has been equally wonderful! He’s very playful and great with the other dogs. He seems to be a fast learner, too. He’s had no food aggression or other aggressive tendencies despite being around numerous large dogs all day!

Coleman is just a happy and very friendly guy. He’d be a great family dog! He likes people and those who have met him have fallen in love. He’ll need some work, but is fairly good on leash. Though he loves to play with other dogs, he doesn’t have the puppy crazies you’d expect from a youngster.

There’s no reason Coleman’s lack of hearing should stop you from adopting him! If you’re a positive person open to new things, we hear (no pun intended) from other deaf-dog owners that it’s a rewarding experience. It’s all about learning how to communicate differently. You will have a unique bond, and other people and dogs won’t know what you’re ‘talking’ about!

Coleman needs someone with previous dog experience. He will need basic obedience training which would help him be an even greater dog than he already is. He can live with other dogs and children ages 7+. All family members must do a meet-and-greet. No cats, as his experience is unknown. He is neutered and up-to-date on shots.

Please apply to ARKforColeman #JustSaveThem

Note – Coleman is sponsored by Animal Rescue Konnection which covers MA and NH, however Coleman is located near Peabody MA. His birthday is an estimate. He is about 1.5 yrs old. Actual birthday may be available.