Cloud’s Happy Tails was sent to us by Miranda Hendricks. Miranda thank you so much for sharing Cloud’s story with us and for also saving Cloud and giving him a great home. According to my deaf dogs Nitro, Bud and myself, you and Cloud totally ROCK! ~ Christina Lee – DDR


Cloud’s Happy Tail by Miranda Hendricks

In September 2011 my beautiful dog Renegade passed away. After Renegade passed on to Rainbow Bridge,  my husband and I decided that we where not going to get another dog since we still had our other dog Akira. A few months later we were at an adoption event when we saw Cloud. Cloud was solid white dog who looked like he’d seen enough hard times in his life. We asked about him and the lady’s with the humane society told us his story. It was a sad story and I cried when I heard it.

About three months previous Cloud was found after there was a report of a dog being thrown from a moving car on one of the bridges here where we live. The woman who saw it stopped and picked him up and reported the car tags to the police. She took him to the Vet office where she worked and they patched him up. Poor Cloud had he  road rash, torn pads on his paws, hair loss, and a dislocated hip.


Cloud stayed at the Vet’s office for three weeks until he was healed enough for her to foster him and take him home where he could finish healing is sore body. They noticed during his stay in his foster home that he was very skittish and he didn’t seem like he could hear any noises. If Cloud wasn’t looking at his foster parents when they entered his kennel he would show no reaction at all. Cloud also didn’t seem fazed with the other dogs barking. So his foster parents tested his hearing with some simple noises to see if he could hear them and they confirmed he was indeed deaf. They started piecing all the facts of his being thrown from the car incident to the fact that he was deaf. They figured because he was deaf and had been dumped in addition to his skittish behavior, they figured out he had been abused. They came to the conclusion at the Vet’s office that he had been abused.  Most likely his previous owners just figured he was a stubborn dog that would not listen but in reality he was deaf. The staff at the Vet’s office fell head over heels in love with Cloud. They nursed the cute little blue eyed puppy back to health with love and attention. They nurtured and fostered Cloud for about three months before turning him over to the humane society for adoption.


In November we went to the adoption event at Petco and we walked by several dogs with our girl Akira, she didn’t seem to take an interest in any of them until we saw Cloud. Akira perked up at the sight of Cloud and went to his kennel and started sniffing him, tail wagging, she was giving her happy little yipps barking sounds. This was something she hadn’t done since Renegades death. We asked the lady who was watching Cloud at the event if we could take him out and see how they interacted. When Cloud came out of the kennel, he and Akira both sniffed each other, tails wagging. Then Cloud did something they had never heard him do, he barked! We asked what his story was and they told us, while both Akira and Cloud played together and bonded. We asked for an adoption application. While I filled out Cloud’s adoption application my husband walked booth dogs around the store.  When my husband retuned with the dogs he told me that we had to get Cloud and make him a part of out family! I already knew this and the ladies with the Humane Society where completely shocked by Cloud’s reaction and were very happy that Cloud looked so happy and was going to be adopted into a good home.


We brought Cloud home that day. He and Akira bonded and have been by each other’s sides  ever since that fateful day. We work with Cloud often on hand signal training which we have also taught to Akira and our two newest additions, Kaylee and Thea. All four of our dogs are rescue’s. They have bonded with each other and with us. I could not imagine my life without Cloud or our other dogs because we are dog people!

We thought we would loose Akira after Renegade died because she had been so bonded with him. After Renegade’s death she became so sad and depressed. Cloud brought a beam of bright light back into our home and Akira found another companion.  They are so cute when they sleep together every night and they even share the same kennel. No matter where Cloud is going, Akira is never to far behind. Both of them have their tails wagging and smiles on their faces when they are together.