Update 5/19/22: Churro has been patiently looking for a forever home. He is currently working with a trainer to be the best deaf dog he can be.

2/18/22: Meet adoptable deaf, one year old Shepherd mix Churro who is looking for an active home with adults only or older kids like teens. He needs someone who will continue his sign cue training through positive reinforcement and also provide a secure fenced in yard for him to run, play and run after his balls.

From the shelter: Churro is an approximately 1 year old Shepherd Mix mostly white with some brown spots. He is about 45- 50 lbs and may get a bit bigger once he is completely filled out. Churro was found running in a school yard and brought to Midland Humane Coalition by a local cop. Churro is deaf and may have low peripheral vision according to our vet. He is friendly but protective. He can startle some with sudden movements. Currently, he is living with a foster where he is learning sign language. He is high energy and may be too much for smaller or older dogs. He loves to chase a ball or football and will bring it back. He may be too prey driven for cats. Churro was friendly with the school age children and most people he met while out at the vet clinics and in the adoption center. He did become protective of his handler while living in the kennel environment, but he has not done that in his home when visitors come.


Churro is responding very well to training that his fosters are providing. He will probably do well with an active family with older children. He may enjoy another dog that can match his energy level.

Churro would need a proper introduction to other pets as he can be reactive with barking and lunging when he sees another dog that he wants to play with especially when he is leashed. He has done well in the dog park with other high energy dogs. He would probably be too much for smaller, or older less active dogs.