Due to some extenuating circumstances, we are in search of a home for Chloe. She is very sweet once she gets comfortable with new people. She can be playful on walks and lives to curl up on the couch with you at the end of the day. (And the beginning and middle of the day if she can).
She is completely deaf and needs a new home that can accommodate that.
She needs to be the only dog in a home, she does not get along with other dogs.

She can tolerate some cats, but would do best on her own.
She needs to be an indoor dog. She is house broken, and walks well on a leash. She has never been in a house with a yard, so we do not know if she is an escape artist. We always feel it is better safe than sorry with her deafness.
She absolutely cannot be crated, she gets stressed to the point of breaking crates and might harm herself. This does extend to being locked in a room on her own, she will stress very badly and bark and pace nonstop. She does okay loose in the house when we go out for awhile. She will bark for a few minutes after we leave but then she settles down.

She is extremely wary of strangers and needs to be properly introduced on her terms, which can be shown in person.
She does know hand signals for sit, stay, no,, come here, and food. Again this can be shown very easily
She is sensitive about her head being touched, most likely due to past abuse, as she has a scar there.
We are trying to avoid taking her back to the shelter as she does not do well in kennel situations and because of her other quirks.