Meet adoptable deaf dog Chico who needs a hero to adopt him, cherish him and make a lifetime commitment to always be his new best friend and keep him safe.

From his shelter advocate: Chico is a stunningly beautiful 5 yr old, who was left at the Souith LA Animal Shelter, by his former owner on August 18th. The poor guy was so scared and confused that he refused to come out of his cubby for days. Finally, after days of coaxing and tossed treats, he slowly ventured out. He was shaking with fear but would carefully take a treat and run back with it into the safety of his cubby. Thankfully, he is no longer shaking with fear, but unfortunately, he had not been out of his kennel ONCE in the 2+ months that he’s been here. The volunteers finally got permission to take him out to take his picture. He was SO happy to be out it brought tears to everyone’s eyes!

Chico was playful and sweet and affectionate. He did zoomies for the first few minutes, played soccer with a volunteer and then settled down to be petted. He leaned in to the volunteer for the next 10 or so minutes, just loving the closeness. It was heartbreaking to put him back into his kennel after his time in the yard was over. This boy REALLY needs to be out of this shelter and into a home of his own.