Meet adoptable deaf Catahoula dog ChiChi who is looking for a loving forever home with someone who will cherish her, make positive reinforcement training/enrichment a priority and always keep her safe.

From her rescue advocate: Why do we say unicorn? Well, it’s because ChiChi prefers to have all the attention to herself, so she needs to be the only pet in the home OR with only one other dog that would be ok with a slow introduction! She would also prefer her human companions to be older because little kids can be startling!

Chichi is a great cuddle buddy, is wonderful in her crate, very intelligent, and is absolutely beautiful. We have also recently discovered that she barks at the ground when it’s cold and wet outside because she is a fair-weather kind of pup. Can you blame her?! She is a sweet girl who will always keep you giggling.

Does your home check the boxes to give ChiChi the home she deserves? If the answer is yes, please head to our website to fill out an application. The adopter will also have ongoing assistance from a professional trainer!