Meet adoptable deaf Chiweenie Casper who is looking for a loving forever home with someone who will cherish him and always keep him safe.

***You must live within driving distance of Mexico Missouri to be considered for adoption. His adoption fee is $350.00.

From his current caregiver: Meet Casper a 8week old chwinnie. On Jan 6th we received a call asking us if we could take two tiny newborn chiweenie pups. Once we got to the vet we learned the story. A young couple brought in their 9 month old female dapple Dachshund  in as she was shaking n hadn’t ate in a few days and couldn’t move, the amazing vet did some tests and learned she was pregnant and needed a emergency C-section right away. Sadly After the 3 pup was out mother passed away and sadly one of the pups didn’t make it. The couple couldn’t afford anything and I offered to pay for the emergency C-section and to pay to have the mother cremated. I have raised those beautiful babies for 8 amazing weeks. Casper was born with a kink in his tail at the top and is almost pure white with just a tiny patch of tan on his side. As him and his brother got older I noticed that Casper wasn’t reacting to noise as well so yesterday at his 8 week check up the vet confirmed that he can hear but not very well meaning he isn’t fully deaf but is partly deaf. He has ok me blue eye and one brown eye and is just so dang cute.


I am currently searching for the best home possible for him. Due to all of the expenses we have for raising him n his brother bear there will be an adoption fee of $350 to help cover some not all of our costs these past 8 weeks. He has been raised with dogs of all sizes and I’ve been working with hand signals and he is so smart. He loves every one, enjoys cuddles with my kids, and is just a all around happy boy. If you think you can offer him the most loving forever home please reach out to me. The adoption fee is nothing compared to all of our costs. He has had his first and second rounds of vaccines, dewormed every two weeks since he was 2 weeks old, has been given his first dose of flee and tick preventative and heartworm preventative. If I didn’t already have 4 dogs of my own, I would keep him in a heart beat, but he needs a family where he gets all the attention.

His mother was a dapple Dachshund and about 15 pounds and his dad was a merel tea cup Chihuahua and was about 7 pounds and I do have pics of his parents and his brother Bear is in a few of the pics with him. Thanks for taking the time to read this and God bless all of you.. calling or texting is the best way to reach me as I am a licensed service dog trainer and can’t always check my emails. You can text (573) 721-4082