Meet adoptable deaf bully mix Casper who is looking for a loving forever home with someone who will cherish him, make  him a member of the family and always keep him safe.

From his rescue advocate: Handsome boy alert!!!!

Meet Casper, this boy is available and ready for his forever home! Casper has quite the story, landing here due to no fault of his own. Thankfully, we finally were able to get some info about our gentlemen, and we learned Casper is not only deaf, but mostly blind too. This makes him all the more special!! These minor things don’t slow Casper down though, being a sweet and gentle boy anyway he is always ready for an adventure with his people. Casper took a few days to come out of his shell, but once he did – MAN did we all fall in love with him (not that we didn’t when we first saw him, of course.)

Casper loves his butt scratches and attention, but due to his disabilities he will walk away when he’s decided he has had enough of them to communicate he wants a break, which is very gentlemen of him to do so. Casper has such a good nose and loves going on sniff-aris, and loves snuffle mats, these are little fluffy mats you can hide treats in, this allows him to use that heightened sense to find those treats. Casper is also partially blind in his right eye, our staff makes sure we let Casper know what we’re doing and where we are on his left side so he is not spooked by us, and he greatly appreciates it!

We believe Casper would do best as only animal, so his needs can be met and he can have a very happy and spoiled life. Casper does not mind seeing canine friends out and about on walks, or hikes but would prefer he sniff them from afar and vice versa. Kiddos 14+ would be great, and we’d love for Casper to meet everyone he’d live with prior to going home so our staff can best set up Casper and his family with tips and tricks on how to help him adjust to a new home environment given his special needs.

Casper LOVES his people when he has a chance to open up and meet them, and we can’t wait to see this guy live the spoil dog lifestyle, we all know he deserves! So please come in and meet him!