Meet adoptable deaf 11 month old Buzz who is looking for a loving and safe home with someone who will help him come out of his shell and help him gain confidence and feel love and secure.

He came in with the Toy Story trio which we call the 3 of strays found running in the countryside who came to the shelter not long ago. When the three dogs got to the shelter they were all very withdrawn and shut down. The shelter staff suspect they may have experienced some trauma at some point. Sweet deaf dog Buzz is the most withdrawn of the three. Buzz seems like he has no idea how to be a puppy or a pet.

Buzz would do best in an adult only home with a loving and patient person to help him out of his shell and gain some confidence that he is safe and loved. He may do okay with older respectful teenagers in the  home (maybe a new best friend who will help him be the best he can be).  An existing confident  and kind resident dog in his new home to show him the ropes would be good  for him as well. He is a very shy dog who will need someone with plenty of patience and kindness to teach him new sign cues, slowly socialized him, teach him it is okay to be a puppy (and have fun toys to play with) and someone committed to keep him safe.