Meet adoptable deaf bully mix Butter who is looking for a loving home where he will be cherished, become someone’s new best friend and be the only dog.

From his advocate; Butter is looking for a place to call his own to help get his steps in by playing fetch, doing fancy tricks, or going for long walks at super sonic speeds. He already has a good start on training and is ready to show off his skills which include, sit, down, hand targeting, and spin, though by the time you read this he may already have more tricks under his belt, and all are taught using hand signals which includes his marker cue.


When Butter is not busy romping out in our play yards you’ll find him spending his days in our behavior and training office, paying rent with nose boops and prolonged eye contact begging for attention. With so much to do and with so much fun to be had, Butter prefers to be the only dog in the home. But don’t fret! Take him home and you’ll quickly see that he’ll be more than enough to fill up your entire home all on his own.