My name is Shelley Ackerman and this is the Happy Tail about my deaf dog Bunny. I lost my hearing suddenly in the Spring of 2008, and lost my job and life as I knew it at the same time. While battling to keep my head above water financially, going through surgery and adapting to my new life – I fell into a deep depression. With the love of my family and friends, I came to terms with my new life and new way of hearing with a cochlear implant, but was alone most of the day, being unable to work full time again.

In the fall of 2009, while accompanying a friend who was interested in adopting a dog to our local shelter (Humane Society of Ocean City NJ), one dog inparticular stood out. The other dogs were literally jumping off the walls and barking, while Bunny laid on her bed, front paws crossed, looking out of her cage with liquid brown eyes. Need I bother to say it was love at first sight? I pulled her card and in bold letters it said DEAF and that was all it took to make me realize it was meant to be. That was 2 1/2 yrs ago and Bunny is the angel who saved my life. I didn’t save her as much as she saved me!

Bunny had already learned hand commands at an early age and is amazingly intuitive to body language. She is so well behaved with the sweetest disposition. She accompanies me almost everywhere I go and loves car rides. She is so happy to see all people and has an inner sense to be extra gentle with older people and children. I am considering her to be a Therapy Dog as I believe she would be wonderful. On the days I go to my part time job, she accompanies a friend who works at a church rectory and is adored by the priests, co-workers and parishioners alike. She is the unofficial “greeter” of the rectory.


And now Bunny is involved with the American Cancer Society Bark for Life of Cape May County NJ and raising lots of money as her team leader! She is proud to be honored by cancer survivors and their own caregiving dogs at the Bark in June.



Bunny and I plan on a long, happy, loving life together!

From Christina of Deaf Dogs Rock: Shelley and Bunny, Thank You so much for showing the world Deaf Dogs Rock. According to my deaf dog Nitro, he thinks you were both made for each other and I have to agree with him. Thanks again for sharing your heartwarming story with all of our Deaf Dogs Rock readers. ~ Christina and Nitro