Meet adoptable deaf 1.5 yar old mini Aussie Buddy who is looking for a loving forever home with someone who will cherish him and always keep him safe.

This sweet little buddy is looking for a loving home. He is completely house trained. He is trained to ring a bell to go outside. He comes back to the house or to his person with hand signals. If he is not looking at you, we get his attention with a vibrating collar.In the dark, he come to a flashlight.

He also obeys/ understands several sign commands like sit, stay, ball, hush, potty, Etc. He loves to run and fetch tennis balls. He gets along well with all other animals. He lives with other dogs, a cat, and there are barn animals. He has never chased chickens or the horses. But he will try to help you work the horses and cows. We have not pursued training on that.

Although he has been around small children I wouldn’t recommend living in a household with small toddlers.
He is very protective of his person, home, and treats. He also travels well. He loves to go camping and has no trouble heeling and returning on command. He absolutely loves the beach.