Meet adoptable deaf 2 year old Australian Cattle Dog Buddy who is looking for a loving home with someone who will cherish him, take good care of him and always keep him safe.

From Buddy’s advocate: Buddy is a happy and very loving 2-year-old Australian Cattle dog.

He has fly biting syndrome which is a neurological disorder that would require medication.

He loves running and playing; he has a ton of energy as his breed is a working dog, so he is happiest outside.

He does well with other dogs and wants to play and be part of a pack but is also fine on his own.

He is crate trained, neutered, does well in the car, great on a leash, and loves to fetch balls and run a lot!

Although he is a sweet boy to humans, he is very strong and fast, so he would not do well in a home that could knock someone over (like a small child).

The best home for Buddy would to be a place that has a lot of outdoor space to run. We have tried to work with him to be calm and relax inside, but that only happens when he is in his crate or on a leash.

He is caring to humans and want to lick and give kisses to greet you. Otherwise, he wants to play fetch and will be happy to drop a ball in your hands.

Buddy’s adoption fee is $100 and you must live within a three hour drive time of Bakersfield CA.

If you are interested in adopting Buddy, please shoot us and email so we can answer any questions you might have an also so we can send you a blank adoption application to be filled out completely to be considered. Thanks.