Update 1/22/24:Bruno has been in a foster home with indoor cats. He been great with them as they are used to dogs so it was all about the chase with outdoor farm cats. Also we learn he can hear a loud metal whistle. We blow it he looks at us then we give him the come command. Working great as he does have great recall. He a snuggle bug with the foster.

Meet Bruno, the extraordinary gem in our rescue family! Despite being deaf, Bruno has effortlessly woven his way into our hearts, proving that special abilities come in all packages. Initially hesitant due to our lack of experience with deaf dogs, Bruno has defied our expectations and emerged as one of the easiest, most laidback, and loving rescues we’ve had the pleasure of knowing.

This pint-sized 37-pound Missouri Gourmet mix, with a hint of bully and maybe some hound in the mix, is a true delight. Bruno’s intelligence shines through as he’s mastered four hand signals – sit, down, come, and crate up. Trusting and loyal, he stays by your side even with a dropped leash, making him a joy to have around.

Bruno’s sweet nature extends to young children, proving he’s not just a loving companion but also a gentle soul. Good with other dogs, Bruno prefers the company of easy-going playmates. Estimated to be around a year old, he sports a short coat, making bath time a breeze.

Housetrained and content to sleep in a crate at night, Bruno gets along well with most animals, including a pet pig. While he shows some interest in cats, it’s more out of curiosity than harm, and he’s best suited for indoor cats accustomed to dogs. At under 40 pounds, Bruno is the perfect size for any home.

If you’re looking for a special friend who sees the world through the language of love, Bruno might just be the missing piece in your life. For questions or if you’re interested in welcoming Bruno into your home, contact us at Petslive03@gmail.com, and we’ll respond promptly.