One of the wonderful things about living with and raising a deaf puppy is the fact they are so darn easy to train. I have so much fun teaching my newest deaf puppy Bowie all kinds of cool dog tricks.

Bowie is such a ham and he craves the attention he gets when he does his tricks. It took absolutely no effort and all to teach him the signs and tricks for “fist bump”, “turn around/spin”, and “high five”. For a few small pieces of Oscar Meyer Light Bologna Bowie will do just about anything!


My little deaf Boston terrier Bowie. He has me wrapped around his little paw! 

2016-03-30 16.47.57

His first few weeks with us he was always more excited to see our deaf dogs Nitro and Bud. He bonded with them way before he bonded with Chris and I so every morning he does his happy dance to say hi to Nitro as if to be saying “I love you man!”

Once Bowie started learning some basic tricks for example “spin around”, he started incorporating his new tricks into his morning greetings to the other dogs. First thing every morning Bowie would starts running zoomies up and down our long hallway leading to the kitchen from our bedroom. He runs to the kitchen and then he turns around and runs back into the bedroom. On his way back to the bedroom he will add several well choreographed spins right in the middle of his zoomie sprint. I find it magical to watch him run and spin at the same time. When he gets to his last zoomie lap, he runs up to me and stands on both hind legs with his front legs stretched high into the air as if to say “give me a high five mommy!”

2016-03-30 16.47.45

After a few early mornings of his zoomies, spins,and “high fives” “high fives” with me, he totally got the “high five” trick without any treats. He is 100% , I started meeting both his front paws with both of my hands doing a “high five” sign.  After a couple ofRocker dog for sure. He loves giving “high fives” to anyone who will reciprocate. It is in his nature to make everyone happy – he is like the baby featured on YouTube who always laughs at absolutely everything. He is my 15 pounds of pure joy.

On one particular morning in March, Chris and I noticed Bowie walk right up to our deaf boxer Nitro and start doing his “give me a high five dude” dance. Over and over rocker puppy Bowie asked his big brother Nitro for a “high five”. The look on Nitro’s face was priceless because he wanted nothing to do with Bowie’s early morning puppy antics. Nitro has never been a morning dog and I can totally relate because I wouldn’t want someone doing a happy dance in my face early in the morning – at least not before my first cup of coffee. As Bowie continued to do his high five dance in front of Nitro, I said to Chris “Hurry, grab your camera and record this!” Well sure enough we recorded 12 seconds of cuteness and uploaded the video directly to our Deaf Dogs Rock Facebook page (First video on the second row).

How would we have ever known what was going to happen next? Bowie’s High Five video literally broke all of our previous Deaf Dogs Rock Facebook records! Within 24 hours we had over 3800+ shares, 2400 likes, over 500 comments and it had been viewed over 234,000 times (with a reach of 680,000+ people). Our 15 pounds of pure joy and his 12 second video received lots of love over the next several days. We enjoyed reading all the wonderful comments from our followers.


We have recently uploaded the video to YouTube so we can share it with all of you on this post. I hope you enjoy our 12 seconds of cuteness. Now you will have a snapshot of our fun mornings living with three deaf dogs (and two hearing dogs). To see the original video on Facebook you can click here and it is the video titled “Bowie is such a morning puppy…Nitro not so much.”


Bowie is such a morning puppy…Nitro,  not so much.