This handsome blue eyed boy is Boogey! He is and adoptable deaf, 5 month old heeler mix who is looking for a loving forever home with someone who will become his new best friend, make daily positive reinforcement training/socialization/enrichment a priority and always keep him safe.

Boogey has been with his foster for 2 months, he and his siblings were born on a farm and when 2 other puppies in their litter got hit by a car and passed, the owner reached out for help. We asked if any had any hearing /site issues and she said absolutely not. After bringing him and his siblings into the rescue, it was determined that him and his sister are deaf.


Boogey is crate trained and knows a multitude of tricks including sit, lay down, shake, roll over, and spin(his absolute favorite trick, he will keep doing it until he gets a treat) He gets along with the other dogs and cats in the foster home. He is just like any other dog, minus some of the distraction during training.

He is available for adoption within a 2 hour radius of St. Charles Missouri. For more information, please fill out an adoption application and the foster will reach out to any approved applications. If you are interested in adopting Boogey and want to be considered for adoption, please fill out and adoption application here:


Photo above: Boogey (left) with his sister Boo (right) – You can look at his sister Boo’s listing here: