Hi DDR Team!

This is Blueboy (the white one who is completely deaf and partially blind in one eye) along with his sister, Abigail (the small black pup in pink), and the big boy, Wyatt.

Photo by Jennifer Yu, http://userealbutter.com/photography/

I had a weak moment when I traveled to adopt Abigail, the little tri-colored Blue Heeler/Aussie mix, and found that her brother (the deaf white dog) was going to be given to a rescue or euthanized.  He looked at me, crawled in my lap, and we all went home together.  Abigail loves her litter mate, and watches over him, and both dogs are so smart that all I have to do is train the hearing dog, and the deaf dog watches and does exactly what his sister is doing.  He watches me constantly and it is easy to get his attention with my circular hand motion.  They are such awesome dogs, and adopting brother and sister together was a huge part of this success story, as well as the giant 8 ½ year old Alaskan Malamute/Wolf mix (Wyatta) that they both came home to!  Wyatt took them both as his pack, and loves and protects them both as if they were his own little brother and sister.  And he especially dotes and kisses on Blueboy, as if he knows he is handicapped.  It is truly heartwarming.

The pups are now 5 ½ months old and I just found your website to help guide me to further training.  In the meantime, here is our first professional photo after just 8 weeks together!

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to share.


Denise S.