Bluebell – WI – Adopted

Bluebell – WI – Adopted

Update 7/9/18 – Bluebell has been adopted!!

Meet adoptable, 10 year old, deaf bluetick  hound Bluebell who is hoping to find a loving forever home where she will be cherished and always kept safe.

Bluebell was saved from horrific conditions. Those ads by the ASPCA with dogs in horrible condition, that’s what Bluebell looked like. Skin and bones with talons for claws and skin infections. Her initial weight was about 42lbs. She is currently up to 58lbs and could use to gain a bit more weight.

A bluetick hound of 10 years or so. It looks like she was repeatedly bred, but her history is unknown. Bluebell is the sweetest girl. She is spending a lot of time sleeping but loves to go for walks. We are up to a mile so far. While she likes car rides, she doesn’t know how to get in the car. She will sleep with me if I help her up but I think she mostly prefers to sleep on the dog bed. Bluebell has stepped up on furniture but hasn’t gotten fully on anything yet. She takes her medicine well wrapped up in a slice of meat. When she finishes her food, if there are leftovers, Bluebell likes to flip her bowl and “bury” her food under the bowl, under the dog bed, and under blankets.

Her personality is slowly coming through. Bluebell loves to follow her nose around the yard. I frequently catch her in the garden sniffing veggies or scratching at the herbs. If I indicate “no,” she stamps her front feet and looks at the desired object. As she is a hound, Bluebell can be a little single minded. But she loves scratches and pets. Just absorbs them like a sponge in the middle of a drought. She isn’t a velcro dog but she does want to know where you are.

We are working on sign commands. She appears to have known no hand signals. We are starting with watch me, ok, sit, front/come.

Bluebell is looking for a quieter home. She would love to have a porch to call her own. She enjoys watching tv until she falls asleep too. Bluebell sits by the gate when she wants to go for walk so she would like a person who is open to low key activity.