Meet adoptable deaf dog Blue who is looking for a loving forever home with someone who will be his best friend, someone who will love him, continue his training and always keep him safe.

From his caregiver: I would like to introduce you to this handsome boy we have been calling Blue. Blue was at our local shelter and had been since he was very small, so I was told. They were unsure of his breed since he was dropped off when he was very young but he has some Great Dane characteristics as well as Pitbull. The shelter did not indicate Blue was deaf but it has become very clear to me he is. The shelter is overcrowded and in need of fosters. After one look into those deep blue eyes I couldn’t leave him so I became Blue’s foster mom. He has been a great temporary addition to my family.

Blue gets along with my children, ages 5,8,11, gets along with my dogs, 2 male Cane Corsos and a toy poodle, and also does well with our chickens that roam freely in the yard. We have been working with him on leash training and he’s getting the hang of it, although he does prefer walking next to my oldest son more than anyone else. Blue is also doing great on his crate training. We still have accidents but much better than it was when we first brought him home. I could go on for hours on how sweet and loving Blue is and how anyone will fall head over heels if they spend more than a few minutes with him. Blue deserves a good, loving home and that is all I want for him.

***To be considered for adoption you must live within a 3 hour drive of Ada, OK. You must complete an adoption application to be considered. Blue’s adoption fee is $200.00