Meet adoptable deaf 5 year old Catahoula Leopard dog Blue who who is looking for a loving forever home with someone who will cherish him, teach him new things, take him on some adventures, become his new best friend and always keep him safe.

From his rescue advocate: Blue was adopted from our rescue in 2018, but was recently returned because his people had their second baby, and they were overwhelmed. Blue is a total love muffin. He weighs 47 lbs, loves people and enjoys his walks! He has that “merle” gene, so he was born deaf and he has a mild visual impairment (in low or very bright light he has less ability to see clearly).

Blue is incredibly smart and enjoys training – he knows hand signals and LOVES to work with his people. He is good with other dogs and goes to the quiet dog park near his foster home – although we’d not recommend a dog park that was incredibly packed. He does read dog’s signals incredibly well and has never had a scuffle! His favorite time of days is when his foster’s watch tv, and he crawls up in their laps for snuggling.

We are going to be working on taking him off leash, as we think he will do really well in rural areas off leash. On leash, he can be a big barky if he sees another dog but we are working on that with him, and he has been learning beautifully (leash frustration). He rides great in the car, and is up for any adventure!

Blue is fully vetted, crate trained, easy going and ready for his forever home. His adoption fee is $195 and includes professional training to teach his people his hand signals.

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