Bianca was listed on our Deaf Dogs Rock Adoptable Deaf Dog section and she was adopted. I  received an email from her foster mom Suzzy and she wrote that Bianca was adopted.  Since the email was such a detailed  and happy update, I thought I would make it into Bianca’s Happy Tail. I just love getting emails daily letting me know the adoptable deaf dogs listed on our website for less then a month have found a happy forever home. Deaf dogs totally rock!

Enjoy Bianca’s Happy Tail!

Christina Lee – Deaf Dogs Rock



Bianca the beautiful white deaf boxer girl from Round Rock Texas has found a Wonderful Forever home! Bianca’s new Mom Caroline was able to come to Texas from Louisiana and meet Bianca’s family and let Bianca get to know her. Bianca made a safe trip back to her new home in Louisiana and now has three new brothers; Luke, Bubba and Harley! Bianca gets to go to work with her new Mom and play with the other dogs at work and than comes home and plays ball in the back yard with her brothers. Bianca also has not one but two dog doors to use to go outside or into her new daddy’s “man cave”! She likes to hang out in there with her brothers and watch TV with Dad. The best part is the backyard. Bianca has shade for her sensitive skin so she can be outside more and a fence that borders a big canal! Bianca has lots of visual stimulation and loves it!


From Bianca’s new Mom Caroline: “Bianca thinks she’s the queen as she lays out over the couch and the others are on the floor, she grabs her ball and plays with it up there too. She comes to work with me everyday and enjoys the view out the doors, the girls and I walk her at lunch and take her out often to take a break from the office. I sleep with her on the floor till she feels comfortable sleeping in her bed on her own, which is usually just an hour or so. She is just so wonderful, fun and so smart! We love her so much. My husband played ball with them outside last night and he was laughing so much as they all played and ran around with her. Thank you so much for sharing her with our family. I really enjoyed my Sunday morning with Shari, Joey and John and Bianca. They are a wonderful family and I feel so blessed to know them! ”