Meet adoptable deaf, 8 year old Beyle who is looking for a new best friend with someone who will cherish her and always keep her safe.

From his shelter advocate: Beyle is a very sweet natured 8-year old bundle of love and cuddles. She is a little on the chunky side but Beyle is losing a few pounds with careful feeding. She is quite lazy and can be a bit stubborn about moving, especially when waking first thing in the morning, but once she’s on the move, she now gets a skip in her step and enjoys exploring all the outdoor sniffs she can get to. She gets excited about food or treats and does a sort of happy dance after she gets them.

Beyle leans toward the couch potato lifestyle especially if she can be with people. She is a dream for vetting and currently receives daily eye drops for an on-going infection for which she politely sits and hopes for a peanut butter reward! Due to her low-rider stature and long body shape, she uses a ramp for getting into the car and onto the bed.

She’s begun learning some basic signs for communication; while “sit” was quickly learned, “wait” is definitely her least favorite instruction! She lived in a bit of a hoarding situation previously where she was with 3 dogs and 25 cats, but currently lives with one cat in foster. She enjoys doing her own thing in either situation, but we do feel that at her age and speed, a home full of older animals versus a playful puppy companion is her preference. Beyle is curious but calm with the current resident kitty; she will not pursue if the cat walks away. A favorite part of daily walks is meeting doggo neighbors, which she does in a very friendly manner.

She does receive several daily walks when possible; she is very consistent with 7-8 hours between outings. Beyle has been well-behaved when left on her own for several hours as well.

Beyle deserves a loving home and with continued training, full of fun and happiness every day. When she comes in for a good snuggle-hug and begins to melt in your arms from an ear rub, you won’t want to let her go.