Meet beautiful adoptable deaf Dogo mx (maybe some Great Dane in there too) 6  year old Betty Boop who is looking for a loving forever  home with someone who will cherish her, become her new best friend and always keep her safe.

From her shelter advocate: Hi, I am Officer Courtney McIntyre with Irving Animal Services in Irving Texas.

Not every animal that passes through our doors gets an amazing adoption success story.
We hope to change that for one special dog.

Betty Boop came to us as a stray. She was found by a Good Samaritan and brought to the shelter.
She was shaking – scared out of her mind. One thing that was very obvious from the start was the milk leaking from her….

Our vet staff suspected that she recently just had puppies…as recently as days before being found. Unfortunately, there were no puppies found along with her.

We know that her odds are stacked against her; being an older, shy and DEAF Dogo/Dane mix like dog.

Some things we can say however is she is VERY food motivated, seems comfortable around other dogs and doesn’t mind cats.

We are hoping that this email can reach a kind hearted rescue looking to make a difference in a dogs life.