Meet adoptable deaf bully mix Betsy who is a joyful 7 month old puppy who is currently looking for a very special forever home where she will be cherished, where daily positive reinforcement training/socialization/enrichment will be a priority with someone who will always keep her safe.

From her rescue advocate: Betsy is a sweet 7-month old female spayed Pitbull Terrier Mix that was returned after being adopted a few months ago. She was very calm as a puppy with kennel cough, but grew into her high puppy energy when she recovered shortly after adoption. She was a little too high energy for her last adopter and additionally was returned for separation anxiety (whining a lot, barking). She lived with cats and did well with them in her last home.

She was placed in foster care to work on her separation anxiety. She was then discovered to be deaf- she does well with hand signals and knows “Sit”, “stay”, and “down”. She does well if taken out for a walk or run before crating and needs Trazodone right now to help calm her down during crating. If not taken out before crating, she will defecate in the crate. We have been working on her occasional leash biting and she is doing great with her training. She is very food motivated. She needs to learn basic puppy manners, be deterred from counter surfing, and needs to be crated when unsupervised or she will chew on furniture or get in the garbage. Many deaf dog homes are familiar with Separation Anxiety (SA) and to learn more about SA, please click here. 

She has a lot of energy, but calms down if she goes on at least two walks or a run each day. She would do very well with another high energy dog and loves playing with the dogs in her foster home, especially the other Pitbull in the home. She was reported to do well with the cats in her last home, but sometimes chases the cats in her foster home so she may be ok with some training. She is a big cuddler and just a sweetie in general. Please consider meeting sweet deaf puppy Betsy!