Meet adoptable, 6 year old deaf dog bear who is looking for a loving forever home where he will be the only pet and and adult only home.

From his current caregiver: Meet Bear – our sweet and loving Pit bull / Dalmatian mix!! Hi all! My name is Brytani and I am looking to re-home a wonderful, loving dog named Bear! He is a Pit bull/Dalmatian mix (as told by our vet), and is of course deaf. He’ s almost 6 years old, and has been under the primary care of my sister since he was a puppy. He was adopted from a foster who found him on the road with a few injuries.

Unfortunately my sister suffers from severe mental health issues, and has been experiencing a decompensation episode, and has been hospitalized for awhile now. It is unclear when she will be released from the hospital, and when she is she will have to live in a group style home. As a result, he has been released into my care. I am however a college student who is out of work right now due to COVID, and as much as I would love to, I can no longer keep Bear. He is an AMAZING, caring and loving dog. He is sweet and gentle, loves to snuggle, and is full of energy. He loves to go on hikes and long walks, and LOVES to go for runs. If I touch my running shoes he just about loses it.

Bear is mostly white, but covered with spots, mostly on his skin (i.e. he looks like a different dog during bath time), but has some on his fur as well. He also has one very adorable black ear. He weighs about 55 lbs and if he could spend the entire day sitting in your lap he would.

Ideally, his new family will have no other pets (he does best as a single child), and it would probably be best to not have children either. He has lived with one other small dog (Shih Tzu) and a large cat and done very well with the two, but also met them when he was a puppy. When I take him for walks and introduce him to other dogs his behavior is a bit jumpy and he has a lot of anxiety. It could be just on-leash anxiety, but it’s hard to really know for sure and I would prefer that everyone remain safe and comfortable. Because of that, I don’t know how well he would do being introduced to a home with pets. Some dogs he does perfectly fine with and has no issues, but sometimes his anxiety gets the best of him, and I would hate for him to have to be re-homed again. He does mostly well on leash with walking, but usually needs to be reminded not to pull at the start of walks, or when he sees a yappy dog.

Bear knows commands and hand signals for: sit, shake, lay down, speak, up, get down, wait, good boy, no, come, look at me, eat, drink, toy, and probably a few others that I’m forgetting. He truly is such a special dog, and I am deeply saddened to let him go, but I have to do what’s best for him and I do not have the means to give him the care that he needs. I am really hoping that I can find a home for this very special pup. He is filled to the brim with love and I know he could make someone truly happy. Please feel free to contact me for any inquiries, requests for more photos etc.. I am also willing to transport him anywhere in California if I can find him the right home, so please reach out if you can!

Bear’s adoption fee is $200 and if  you are interested you must live within three hours drive time of Sacramento CA. If you are interested please contact Brytani so she can send you and adoption application to fill out to be considered for Bear’s adoption.