Meet adoptable deaf 3 year old terrier mix Banjo who is looking for a loving home with a person who will cherish him, teach him new things and always keep him safe.

Banjo is a Terrier Mix who was born in 2019. He may be deaf but  he is is so smart and loves to learn new things. It’s pointless trying to list all his tricks because he is learning new ones each week. Here is a brief list of the tricks learned through hand signals, Sit, Shake, Down, Wait, Spint, Dance, Kiss, Jump Over, and Go Under.

Don’t worry because our staff will teach  you the hand signals that Banjo knows. He loves to get his back end and back legs scratched; he will tuck his head, doing a half somersault, so you can scratch his favorite spots. He loves Belly Rubs too! Banjo is a great playmate for other dogs and has done well with both large and smaller dogs he has met. We think he would be a rock star at dog parks. Banjo has lots of energy to burn, so he he looking for an active household with older children.