Update 3/06/23: Meet our Deaf Dogs Rock Star of the Day Bandit who has been looking for a loving forever home since October 2022.

He is an adoptable deaf Dogo Argention Bandit who is looking for a loving forever home with someone who will cherish him, continue his daily positive reinforcement training/enrichment/exercise/socialization and always keep him safe.

From his caregiver: Bandit’s life so far has been pretty difficult. He was abandoned at a park in Houston and was starving and injured from neglect and being on his own. He was scared and didn’t know who to trust initially but his friendly and playful side quickly won out and he accepted some food and showed his big, ear to ear smile.

After getting checked for a micro-chip and treating his paws which were raw and sore there was another challenge Bandit had to deal with, he is completely deaf. Not having one of his critical senses means that Bandit uses his nose and his mouth to figure out the world around him. He sometimes gives the impression that he’s a bloodhound by the way he sniffs everything around him. Even with his disability though Bandit is a loving boy, and his tail is always wagging looking for someone to play with or to get a treat. Bandit is great with other dogs and with kids. Bandit spent several weeks being assessed and professionally trained and responds well to hand signals.

Unfortunately, I am moving soon and will be living abroad. Bandit needs a new home and to help him find his new home I’ve had him checked by a vet and received all his shots (Rabies, Distemper etc.). He’s been neutered and other than his hearing, he has no other medical issues. He also comes with a great dog starter pack which includes: Dog Igloo (Bandit has made it his own by nibbling on the sides), Dog running harness and Walky-Dog bike attachment (a great way to get some exercise while you give Bandit a fun jaunt around the neighborhood), a dog crate that he loves to sleep in, 3D Printed Model of Bandit

What Bandit Needs
Like any pet, Bandit needs a loving environment where he can be accepted for who he is and live his best life. However, there are a few things his new family needs to have:
• Room to explore and play. Bandit is a big dog with a lot of energy, he isn’t a good fit for a small house/apartment or a small backyard.
• Attention and activity. Bandit loves to play and really benefits from a long walk or bike ride each day.
• Furry friends. Bandit really enjoys the company of other dogs and would really like to have a furry friend.
• Patience. Deaf dogs obviously can’t respond to verbal commands, so being patient with Bandit is important. He startles easily and if he’s asleep you can literally walk right past him without him knowing (he is definitely not the right dog to guard your gold coin collection). He loves to play tug of war and being chased when he has a water bottle.