Meet adoptable deaf 4 year old Babushka who is looking for a loving home (with no cats) with someone who will cherish her, continue to teach her new sign cues, become her very best friend and be her advocate. She would do well in a home with another friendly dog and older children (she is like a bull in a china shop and with her enthusiasm she may knock over small children).  She does needs some additional training, enrichment and a structured daily routine to help her to become the very best version of herself.

From her current caregivers: Against our advice our daughter got this dog even though she was in an apartment that did not allow pets and she could not take care of her, even if they did allow it. We took the dog in, but she does not do well with cats, despite our efforts to introduce them. If it was not for this, we would keep her. She is sweet and playful and loveable. She is four years old and white with the exception of a little tan color on her ears. She is hard of hearing but has responded to hand and arm commands.


We have called every animal shelter in the state, but all are full. We have her listed on Adopt-a-Pet but have received no calls. Although our daughter got her from the Kansas Humane Society, they would not reschedule to reconsider taking her back until August 9th. We have had her since April. We have taken her to the Veterinarian, and she is healthy and she has de-wormer, Simperica (anti-flea, tic, and worm medicine), Rabies 3yr, DHPP, and Bordetella. She has her current rabies tag and was previously chipped. We did all this at Wellspring Animal Hospital in Wichita, and they recommended that we contact you. We hope to hear from you soon.