Autumn is my third deaf Dalmatian. I adopted her on new years eve, shortly after my beloved Zypher passed away at the age of 13 (weimaraner). Autumn was not treated well her first 6 1/2 months of life before I got her. Her life consisted of living in an airline crate not even big enough for her to stand up straight in let alone turn around. Her crate was a top bunk (crates were stacked on top of one another). This place was so filthy and reeked of cigarette smoke. She lived in that crate for 22+ hours a day. She lived in this tiny 1 story house with 35 other dogs all crated up just the same as she was. Never able to interact with them or anyone else. Autumn also had various kinds of worms, fleas and mites.

I could not get her out of the place fast enough! I did report this place to a local Dalmatian rescue so it’s in their hands to shut them down (I have not heard if they did or not). Autumn was so afraid when I brought her to my home. She had never been allowed to roam outside her her tiny airline crate. Now she has a 2 story home to roam freely with a nice large fenced in back yard to do her daily Zoomies in at top speed! She also has 4 other doggie buddies in my pack of 5 to play with. Poor Autumn had no clue as to how to play with me or with the other dogs when I first brought her home. That was one of the first things I taught her was how to play. How sad is that, a 6 month old puppy who has no clue how to play! Autumn was so skittish and afraid of everything since the world was all new to her. Just teaching her the simple sign to go outside to potty made her cower in the corner and wet herself.

Over this past year Autumn has come a long way, she loves to play with the other dogs and run around like a mad pup. She has this expression of pure joy when she is running around the back yard at top speeds (her daily zoomies). Her best buddy is my weimaraner Skye (6 months 53 lbs and growing!). Autumn is very tiny for a dalmatian at only 34 lbs. So she makes quite the pair with Skye who now towers over her. They do Everything together, eat, sleep, play, you name it! The are often snuggled up together in the living room in front of the fire.


Autumn is still very fearful of the outside world but on her home turf in the house and out in the yard she completely comfortable. She is only slightly spoiled at my house (okay a LOT spoiled), with homemade dog treats made every weekend, daily walks, sleeps under the bed covers with Me and her best buddy Skye and Pirate. She has a nice purple sweatshirt for cold walks in the fall/winter along with some nice hot pink booties for the snowy months.

This story was submitted by Mary Ellen. The photo above is a photo of all three of her deaf dogs (from R to left Angel, Pirate and Autumn). Mary Ellen thank you so much for taking the time to write all three of your deaf dog’s Happy Tails. You are truly and inspiration to folks thinking about adopting even one deaf dog. According to my deaf dog Nitro and I your dog family totally rocks for bringing positive awareness to all dog owners and breeders.