Meet adoptable deaf Australian Shepherd Atlas who is looking for a loving home without children with someone who can provide structure and one on one time with him.

From his caregiver: Atlas is an 8 year old white merle Australian Shepherd. Atlas is a very loving, but very hyperactive dog. He craves attention and physical touch, but is often oblivious to his surrounds and will crash into whatever is closest in his pursuit for attention. Atlas really needs to be in a home with large open spaces, no small children, and frequent moderate to heavy exercise. Atlas is in need of obedience training and someone with experience specifically with Australian Shepherds. His struggles in his current home are mostly due to the high need nature and intelligence of his breed more than anything. Atlas would make a very loving companion in the correct environment. He puts his “person” above all others and is what would be referred to as a shadow dog.


This photo was taken in 2019