Meet adoptable deaf dog Atlas who is looking for a new loving forever home.


Hi! Our family companion is in need of a home through no fault of his own. Atlas is a 6 year old deaf Australian Shepherd. We have had Atlas since he was around a year old. He knows basic sign language, but because of our long work hours, his training and obedience has some work to do. Atlas tries to be a dominant dog, but isn’t good at it.



He does fine around other animals, but requires a patient animal companion or I could see him getting into trouble without realizing he has messed up. Atlas has grand mall seizures that are not currently medicated. He will seize once every 3-4 months. He is on a grain free diet which seems to help.


Atlas has an adoption fee of $150 to an approved home. To qualify for adoption please contact Adrienne so she can send you a blank adoption application to fill out. You must live within a 2 hour drive time of Kendallville IN to qualify.