Deaf Dogs Rock just got word another awesome Deaf dog named Astro from the TN Safety Spotters has earned his CGC Award and Therapy Dog Registration through TDInc. We are so excited for Patricia Belt and her amazing Deaf dog therapy team! The TN Safety Spotters goal is to introduce the world to Deaf working therapy dogs. The Spotters travel the Mid-South with their owner, trainer and handler, Patricia Belt helping save the lives of children by teaching them life safety skills through fun demonstrations using her talented TN Safety Spotters.


Congratulations Patricia and Astro! Great work! ~ Christina, Nitro and Bud – DDR

From Patricia Belt: Astro, Apollo Space Spotter was dropped off at Petco near the Space Center in Houston, TX as a tiny puppy after a breeder found out he was Deaf.   (Very thankful he wasn’t euthanized)
Astro was fostered in a loving home for 3 weeks until Lottie Dot, Izzy and I drove to pick him up to bring him home to Memphis, TN.  A few minutes  after meeting him, I knew with confidence we’d make a great therapy dog team and he’d be a loving member of our family pact.

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Astro – Deaf Therapy Dog part of the TN Safety Spotters Therapy Dog Team – Teaching kids about fire saftey.

Obedience training was fun!  He made it easy with his confidence and desire to learn new things and his Dalmatian energy!    The most important part of a therapy dog team is the special bond between dog/ handler.  This is what goes out into the community, sharing that special connection and it cannot be taught.

We were together 24/7 and I made sure he bonded with me first, then the other dogs.  I do the training of ASL, hand commands, leg commands, and attended training classes for socialization, at PetSmart for one year.  He received his CGC first, then onto Therapy Dog Registration with TDInc.  We continue to train…this big boy loves having a job!

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Pictured – The TN Safety Spotters Therapy Dog Team 

His resume is filling up fast.  He’s been to Atlanta and schools in rural TN teaching kindness to 100’s of kids and is a K9 Memphis Fire & Life Safety Educator.  As long as he continues to enjoy working, I think I can keep up!

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Love, Patience, Understanding, Respect and Commitment

Congratulations, Astro my big baby boy!

For questions regarding therapy dog training you can contact Patricia Belt at:

Patricia Belt

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