Meet adoptable deaf dog Arne who is looking for a loving forever home with someone who will cherish him, teach him new things and always keep him safe.

From his shelter advocate: Arne was found as a stray in the New Orleans area. His finder discovered he was fully deaf when she noticed no reaction after banging some food bowls around. Yet, he came into the shelter already seeking to know the sign for “sit”. At about 2 years old she this sweet boy has many years left and all the willingness to learn as many signs as you want to teach him. He’s eager to please and looks forward to a home he can settle in.


Arne tested great with multiple dogs, but it seems that large play groups are too much for him. His intuition with nervous dogs is amazing. He tis ally knows how to match the energy by the other dog is brining in.

Although Arne had a rescue lined up to take him in, we realized the boarding set up he would be going into would not be the best environment. Arne rally needs a foster home or adopter to give him time to decompress.

He is heartworm negative, neutered, up to date on shots, and on prevention. Transportation assistance can be provided. He is available for rescue or adoption.