We love, love, love to received deaf dog competition stories! This next story was sent in by Kathy Walton.

Apache went from breeder to owner to shelter to rescue to adopter back to rescue and a couple of fosters when someone posted her to my Facebook page saying she was urgent for a foster with herding and deaf dog skills. Something really tugged at me about this 7 month old pup that wasn’t able to fit in anywhere. She was out of town and I contacted the rescue about coming to meet her.


She had an initial pleasant outward demeanor but when i picked up her paw she immediately put her mouth around my hand. The longer I held it the tighter the grip got. Instantly I new there were behavioral problems. We took her home and found that she had cage aggression, serious guarding issues and would bite if things were not going her way. I took a few bites before she realized I was not afraid of her and she started to respect me.

Apache is without a doubt the smartest dog I have ever come across and the most difficult. She is however totally devoted to me and can be quite loving. We did obedience and manners classes. She is a quick study and gets bored with repetition. We were directed to fly ball class by some of the instructors at the SPCA. In fairly quick order she made the team there called Take Shelter.

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She earned her first two titles running in only three of the eight races for the weekend at her first tournament. We are now taking agility at the SPCA and she is doing fantastic.

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She never ceases to amaze me but still drives me somewhat crazy. Her constant companions are a male Pit Bull and a Am. Bulldog/Border Collie pup now seven months old. She is about 2 1/2 now and has a long talented life ahead of her. She really keeps me on my toes.

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