We heard about Junior the deaf English Bulldog who is also Annika’s little buddy earning his CGC Award. Junior is now featured on our Deaf Dogs Rock CGC and Therapy Dog Wall of fame and now it is time to hear about Annika. Annika is young but she to is starting down the same career path as Junior. She sure is a cutie pie! Enjoy her sweet face and story. ~ Christina Lee – Deaf Dogs Rock

Here is another Happy Tail shared with Deaf Dogs Rock by school teacher Debbie Pack from Outreach Christian School in Avondale, MO.



This is sweet Annika. She is also a deaf English Bulldog who will be following in Junior’s footsteps (read about Junior’s story here). She is now 5 months old. Annika was born deaf like Junior and we have had her for 2 months. Annika is following in Junior’s pawsteps. In the short time that we have had her, Annika has gone out in the community to help different rescue organizations raise money by sitting in the Bulldog Kissing Booth giving out wet smooches and leading a 1 K walk.



Annika did a Grand Opening Ceremony for a school that helps kids with challenges and she is getting ready on June 1, 2013 to participate in an event to raise money for the Special Olympics. Annika’s life is not all social because she has to practice different obedience patterns to try and earn her Canine Good Citizen Award and her American Kennel Club Puppy Star (the AKC Puppy Star program). I am hoping when we get finished with all of Annika’a training and socialization that God will show me which way to go with her. Thanks for sharing her story with your readers. Deaf Dogs Rock! ~ Debbie Pack