Angel is my second deaf dog. She has an older brother, Pirate, who is also deaf, and the two of them are inseparable. They do everything together, including getting into mischief! Pirate was kind enough to show Angel how to jump a babygate and to steal mommy’s bagel, among other things. Angel is nine months younger than Pirate.

She has picked up hand signals very quickly by watching me sign, and then observing what Pirate does. Angel is a Dalmatian Lab mix with the most beautiful blue eyes I’ve ever seen. She had a very rough start to life. Angel and one of her siblings were tossed into the streets down in Louisiana to fend for themselves. All because they were born different, deaf and albino (white coats, pink skin that is very sensitive to the sun, and blue eyes). A good Samaritan found Angel in the middle of the road lying on top of her littermate that had been run over and killed by a vehicle. What a sad way to start life. She was only a few weeks old when she was found. Angel was then taken home by the good Samaritan, who contacted Deaf Paws Haven in Georgia to take her in. Angel was loaded with hookworms and roundworms, was covered with fleas and had a UTI. She was a walking skeleton, so emaciated that every bone in her tiny body stuck out. The rescue took good care of Angel. They bought her back to good health and put some weight on her.

Angel got her name because a guardian angel was watching over her in Louisiana. Her angel got her to safety and to the help that she so desperately needed to survive.

I was not looking for another dog when Angel came along. I had gotten my first deaf dog with the help of Cathy from Deaf Paws Haven in Georgia. We have become good internet friends. She told me all about Angel and sent me photo after photo of her. Well… it didn’t take me too long to decide to adopt her and add her to my family, which now consists of 2 deaf dogs and 3 hearing dogs along with a few rabbits, chinchillas and guinea pigs. Angel flew up to NY to her forever home, where she is being spoiled rotten.

Angel is the sweetest and most happy-go-lucky dog I have ever known. She thinks everyone and everything, man or beast, is her long lost best friend. She gets upset and fussy if she cannot go say hello to someone. When her tail wags her whole body wiggles. Her favorite toy is a purple bunny. It used to have stuffing in it, which she had fun plucking out, so now she just carries around this bunny “carcass”. When I sign to her to get her toy (the peace sign), she goes running full speed to pick it up and comes running back to me. All the other dogs know that this is Angel’s special toy and none of them touch it.


Angel’s Happy Tail was submitted by  her human mommy Mary Ellen. According to my deaf dog Nitro and I Mary Ellen, Angel and Cathy Miller totally Rock! Mary Ellen thanks so much for sharing Angel’s Happy Tail to Deaf Dogs Rock.