Meet adoptable deaf 6 month old bully mix Addie who is looking for a very special home with someone who actually knows how much deaf dogs rock, who will become her new best friend, someone who will make daily positive reinforcement/socialization/enrichment a priority and also have the commitment to always keep her safe.

Here is Addie’s back story. Addie is a survivor who deserves the very best life with someone who will cherish her always. If you are interested in adopting Addie and live within driving distance to Stanton Texas, please email for more info here:


From her rescue advocate:  the October 2023 Martin County Animal Advocates received word that someone wanted to surrender 16 dogs. We did not know any age, gender, or breed of the dogs. We didn’t know the condition of the home or dogs. We got together on Monday and headed over to the home with animal control. We could see that several needed medical attentions one momma dog was skin and bones, she was still lactating, and the older 4-month-old pups were still nursing on her. She couldn’t stay, as we looked around, we knew there was more tiny puppies somewhere. We were right fifteen 4-6week old babies were inside crammed in one cage. 16 dogs turned to 31 at the home.

We began thinking of a plan and who we took first, MCAA was in no way able to take on that many animals, we were already full. Right away we took the skin and bones momma along with all the puppies. It took us several trips and some talking to the homeowners, we were able to get them to surrender 29 of the dogs. We started getting them the medial attention they needed. The puppies were sick, we battled for weeks and not all made it. We were heart broken, but this white puppy kept us on our toes.
The white puppy we named Addie was a ball of energy, just running and playing living her best puppy life. At 4 months she was the biggest one of the 6 so she stood out. During feeding time, it was sad they ate so fast and would growl at each other, after seeing the living conditions this didn’t surprise us. They never really had enough to eat and weren’t feed regularly. We worked with the puppies separated them, redirected them when the growled and started to pet them more when they ate. We didn’t want food aggression to be an issue.
All the “4” month puppies were doing great. Running, eating, playing and napping. We noticed Addie was always asleep when we got there, we thought she was a heavy sleeper. We got concerned when we called, and she didn’t wake up. We thought the worse, did this baby take a turn for the worst. Checking on her she was just asleep and popped right up when we touched her. Crazy Addie scared us, it’s time to eat kiddo. We also noticed she wouldn’t come when called, nor have we heard her bark. We did some home test and found that Addie couldn’t hear.
Being deaf has not stopped or even slowed down Addie. She is thriving and growing just fine maybe growing too fast lol. Addie at 6 months weighed in at 38 lbs. She is still the biggest of the bunch lol. We did some research and started introducing hand signals when interacting with her and the other puppies.
We got all clear for them to go to adoption events. Addie gets in her crate and takes a nap, once at the location she looks around and smells everything. She is one of the behaved puppies. People come and love on her ask all the questions, how old, what’s her name, the basic stuff. Everything goes great until we tell them she’s deaf. They give us a look and seem sad, and they walk away.
Days, Weeks and months pass by and so do the people, they don’t want a deaf dog. We were sad for her and just had to work more with her so that she will show them the next time that she is smart and perfect.
Addie has a meet and greet. We get her all cleaned up she was excited to put on her harness she knows she’s going for a ride. Going for a ride means she gets to play with new people, snacks and lots of loving. We get to the meeting and Addie is doing great we are so excited someone is considering our girl. We answer all the questions Addie is sniffing around its what dogs do right. She was a little hesitant to go up to the lady. We explained that she is still a puppy plus she can’t hear her smell is even more advanced, and she is taking in the new place. it takes her a little bit more time to prosses things. She passes on Addie, she’s afraid of having a deaf dog. She is expecting and doesn’t know how the dog would react to the baby.
All Addie knew for the first months of her life was the backyard she was born in. Then some strange people come in give her shots, medications and get her spayed. Things like leashes and collars are new to her. She takes a minute to process new surroundings and needs a little reassurance and she opens up. She is doing great on her leash. Addie doesn’t bark she might whine if you are late to feed her. She plays with every dog she has comes in contact with. She needs a loving home to help her be the best dog we know she can be.
If you travel, great grab the leash, snacks and Addie is ready to go with you. She might nap while you drive though. Do you have a fur baby that needs a friend to keep them company when you work or run arrands Addie is your girl. Are you wanting to have a one dog home guess what she does great being the only dog too.