Acorn – Adopted

Update from Mary Acorn’s foster mama: Acorn is officially adopted! Thanks for your support, it helped. After 10 months of fostering Acorn and looking for his forever home, I realized he was already home. Mary



Currently, Acorn is going to doggie day care several times a week so that he can learn and respond appropriately to dog language. Because he is deaf, he cannot hear the warning growls of other dogs who want him to knock off his puppy play but with supervision he is getting better at learning the signs other dogs give every day.

Presently Acorn is enrolled in an obedience class with a trainer experienced in working with and teaching Deaf dog’ sign language. He is very smart so he is learning. Obviously, the most difficult thing he needs to improve on is “no”…when he is focused on something you simply cannot tell him no, you have to go and get him.



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