Acorn – OH

Meet Acorn

Breed: Terrier/Pitbull Mix

Description: Acorn is a gorgeous short haired white dog with the cutest little black dots. He has amazing hazel eyes and a smile that dazzles.

Gender: Male

Weight: 50 lbs.

Age: 1 years 2 months

Spayed / Neutered: Yes

House Trained? Yes

Crate Trained? Yes

General Training? Know with hand signals - sit, down, come, shake is fairly good on leash and working on stay

Good with Children? He hasn't been around children but loves everyone he meets

Good with Other Dogs? Yes

Good with Cats? Unknown

Location / Contact

Residence: In home with foster or owner

City: Cleveland

State: OH

Contact Name: Mary Motley

Phone: (330) 467-4631


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Acorn is playful and loves everyone. However, he is 50 lb puppy that has a lot of energy. I would not recommend him for a home that has children under the age of 6. He does love to cuddle and settles nicely while I work or we watch his favorite TV show Pitbulls and Parolees. He is extremely smart and is learning sign language. He currently knows sit, down, shake, roll over, turn a circle and figure 8’s. Working on leash manners and stay and both are improving but not perfect.

Currently, Acorn is going to doggie day care several times a week so that he can learn and respond appropriately to dog language. Because he is deaf, he cannot hear the warning growls of other dogs who want him to knock off his puppy play but with supervision he is getting better at learning the signs other dogs give every day. This is not to imply that he is not good with other dogs, he is and he loves to play with them he just needs to learn when enough is enough and he is learning. I believe he would be fine in a house with another dog.

Presently Acorn is enrolled in an obedience class with a trainer experienced in working with and teaching Deaf dog’ sign language. He is very smart so he is learning. Obviously, the most difficult thing he needs to improve on is “no”…when he is focused on something you simply cannot tell him no, you have to go and get him. Redirect him and help him understand that whatever he is doing is not acceptable behavior. Initially, he was a bit jumpy and I was his favorite chew toy. That behavior is almost gone but needs continued positive reinforcement.

Acorn loves food puzzles and like the champ he is, caught on within seconds and patiently but enthusiastically solves every puzzle. He also loves a game we play that I call “seek and fine” where I hide food treats and he seeks them out. Acorn has a nose like a Beagle and the focus of a scholar. His treat motivation coupled with his focus and desire to learn makes working with him so much fun. Acorn is more than a great puppy, he is awesome and one of the smartest dogs I have ever worked with (that includes my Championship German Shepherd) but he will need continued work as he grows into an adult dog. He is house broken and crate trained.

Acorn like any dog but particularly shelter dogs would need a decompression or “Chill Out” period of time to adjust to a new environment. I have no idea how he would be with cats. He has never been exposed to them and given that he is a puppy, he would do best with cats that are used to another dog and that do not run from dogs. Acorn has never torn up anything in my house, but I also have never given him the opportunity. I keep him crated when I am not able to supervise his activities. He is an active puppy and puppies get into mischief.

Because he is deaf, he should never be left to run loose for his own safety…a fenced yard is strongly recommended.

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