Meet adoptable deaf dog Abby wo is looking for a loving forever home with someone who will cherish her, teach her new things and always keep her safe (and never give up on her). Abby needs a dog savvy person to help her. She needs structure and someone who has worked with a high energy bully breed who has some OCD issues when she is outside and so she needs to be redirected and not left unattended in a yard.

From her shelter advocate: Sweet Abby was adopted but things went poorly for her and now she is back at the shelter and getting overlooked.
Abby needs an experienced dog parent / handler and needs to be the only pet.
Please consider taking Abby into your life. She will take some work, but will be worth it.

Shelter Notes:
-high energy
-pulls on the leash hard
-loves tennis balls
-would do best as only pet (NO CATS!)

– VOLUNTEER NOTES: I have spent probably close to 100 hours with Abby from 2021 to when she was adopted in 2022. We were making SO MUCH PROGRESS. She was learning hand signals, she was learning to “be at ease” and “do nothing” vs her explosive behavior and extremely high energy tendencies. She was learning to not pull as much on a leash, to check in with me as we were walking or running, she LOVED belly rubs and pets and affection. She got adopted and everyone was extremely happy and excited for her, we were able to follow her journey, until it went quiet, and I saw a photo of her after a few months. It shattered me. She was starved. She was filthy. When her owner released Abby back to the shelter, I was nervous to see her again. She immediately recognized me and we were able to go spend time in the play yard. However, she was not the same dog. She was mouthy, she was obsessive, she was destructive to everything in the play yard. Any small thing moving in the wind she attacked. I knew she was hungry so we cut the outing short. I spent time with her a few more times since then and she still is not the same happy dog she once was. She has so much trauma I think now that if she gets outside and able to run and play it’s become an obsession. She will jump on me and get mouthy if I’m not throwing the ball fast enough. We have been working on hand signals again and while she is remembering them, her mind is so hyper focused on a ball or a toy (which she destroys) that she cannot concentrate on me. I finally have been able to give her pets and affection but again, quick movements now and she attacks it.

She has always had high prey drive but it is now tenfold to what it was, her arousal level is to the max when she is outside, and she does not seem to enjoy the things she used to or able to relax and be calm yet. I cannot imagine what all she went through living in her own filth, I assume she broke her tooth while trying to escape a kennel she was locked in and starved, but a very experienced handler with a lot of patience and love is what Abby needs.