Since Memorial weekend is coming up this weekend, I thought I would share with you my list of fun things you can do with your dog this weekend. First let me say we want to start off by memorializing the veterans who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country.

Since it is a long weekend and usually the start of the summer we also want to give you some ideas of some fun things you can do with your deaf dogs.




1. Teach your dog a new trick with his favorite toy. I was trying to teach Nitro to jump through a hoop the other day and each time he would go through the hoop but he would drag his back feet and catch them on bottom of the hoop. It wasn’t until I picked up his favorite toy (in this case his big red Kong) and I threw it through the big hoop. When I threw his Kong through the hoop he went soaring through the air after his toy every single time ..who knew?

2. Since it is the beginning of summer, you might want to try this “cool idea”.  Make some yummy doggy cycles pr otherwise know as Pupsicles for your pups that they can enjoy on a hot summer day. Click here to see the recipe for Peanut Butter Pupsicles for Dogs

3. Play “find it” inside the house or outside in the yard by hiding treats and toys all over the yard and say “find it”. I use the peek a boo sign and then point to different areas of the yard. This fun game teaches them to improve their sense of smell and find treats. First start out the game with a simple easy to find spot and have them be a little harder to find each time. Sometimes I take four plastic planters and turn them upside down on the back patio. I put a treat under one and the planters then I mix them all up. Once I stop rotating them I sign to Nitro to “find it”. He loves this game!

4. Since it is Memorial weekend, this might be a great time to teach your deaf dog to swim. We just purchased a life vest for Bud and Bowie. Bud, Axl and Bowie are okay with swimming when they have their life vests on but they really love to float on the dog float. Bowie also loves to lay on me while I am floating. We make sure to put a dry towel on the float and they just hop on and float. I always make sure I am right there with them in case they fall off.

Not all dogs can swim right away so it helps to have a floating life vest or a dog float for safety reasons. Sometimes it’s good to take another dog along with you who loves to swim and fetch a stick or ball from the water. After throwing the ball or stick in the water a few times for the experienced swimmer the inexperienced dog will take to the water as soon as he sees the other dog having a great time. We spend a lot of time also teaching the dogs how to get out of the pool by pointing them in the right direction of the stairs (repeat, repeat, repeat). Be sure to never leave dogs unsupervised around a pool.

5. Take your dog for a ride in the car with all the windows down. Make sure the dog is in some kind of Dog Safety Harness or at least a leash on the dog held by someone in the car to keep your dog from jumping out of the window.

6. Play fetch with your dog with a really big stick, brand new ball, or several balls all at the same time. This makes it much more exciting for your dog.

Dozer Dog 7-1-2013

7. Take your pooch over to a friend’s house who has dogs and have a big doggy play date. This is a good time to have family and friends together and to enjoy a Memorial Day picnic but be sure to take into consideration Social Distancing.

Nitro and flag

8. Buy your dog a new blanket or comforter at a yard sale to lay on the ground. They love soft blankets to lay on but the best part about this idea is when their human joins them! Take a nap with your dog while the weather is still mild (before it gets way to hot outside). Sometimes my deaf dogs and I just lay below the clouds and watch them float on by.

9. Since so many people are off for the Memorial weekend, it’s a great time to take your dog with you to Petsmart or Petco to pick out a new toy. With Bud and Axl we put on their red, white and blue harness to celebrate the holiday and head over to Petsmart but also consider Social Distancing.

10. Make a fun video of your dog doing cool tricks or playing with his dog buddies and share it on our Deaf Dogs Rock Facebook page here. Making a fun video is a treat for both of you and a great way to contact friends and family by sending and sharing a video of your pups having a good time.

11. Take a pile of toys out in the back yard and start tossing them to get the dogs excited then get your camera out and take some fun photos to capture the memories. I always stop at yard sales and get stuffed toys and pay anywhere from .25 to .50 cents for each toy. The dogs are going to tear them up anyway so why spend a lot of money (just don’t tell the little kids who are selling the toys at the yard sale what your plans are for their beloved toys). Try to throw the toy and then sit on the ground to get a “dogs eye” view of the shot.





We  hope you have an amazing summer. ~Christina, Bud, Bowie, Tallulah and Axl Blu