Since Memorial weekend is coming up this weekend, I thought I would share with you my list of fun things you can do with your dog this weekend. First let me say we want to start off by memorializing the veterans who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country.

Since it is a long weekend and usually the start of the summer we also want to give you some ideas of some fun things you can do with your deaf dogs.




1. Teach your dog a new trick with his favorite toy. I was trying to teach Nitro to jump through a hoop the other day and each time he would go through the hoop but he would drag his back feet and catch them on bottom of the hoop. It wasn’t until I picked up his favorite toy (in this case his big red Kong) and I threw it through the big hoop. When I threw his Kong through the hoop he went soaring through the air after his toy every single time ..who knew?

2. Since it is the beginning of summer, you might want to try this “cool idea”.  Make some yummy doggy cycles pr otherwise know as Pupsicles for your pups that they can enjoy on a hot summer day.