Meet adoptable deaf Great Pyrenees Zippy (and hearing sister Miriam) who are looking for a loving forever home where they will be cherished and always kept safe.

From the rescue:

Miriam and Zippy are one-year-old females who came to us having already figured out how to retire! They were livestock guardian dogs, but they roughed up the chickens in their care and are now enjoying live as couch guardian dogs, or pets.

We are committed to placing these sisters together. Zippy, who is deaf or hearing impaired, looks to Miriam, who is the more confident of the two.

They will thrive in a home that wants active, playful young dogs. They should be the only large female dog in the home but could potentially be matched with smaller dogs of either sex and a mellow, large male. They would love some human siblings and are gentle enough to share a home with even small children.

They are fully vaccinated, spayed, and heart worm negative.

All Pyrs require a solid and secure fence.

Those interested in adopting should read our policies and fill out a generic application to come to the rescue at