Meet adoptable deaf 4 year old Dane mix Z who is looking for a loving forever home with someone who will cherish him and always keep him safe.

Z is a 4-year old, deaf, Great Dane mix. He weighs in at a moderate lap-dog size of about 85lbs (40kg); he is white with black spots and speckles, including large black patches over each eye. When he came to us, he had a small white scar in the shape of a “Z” on the tip of his black nose and so that became his name, the sign we use to refer to him in our house is the “shakka” (as in Hawaiian surf culture). Z is very goofy, playful, engaging and energetic, he is good at entertaining himself but would rather be with his people and fellow furry friends most of the time. If he thinks you are spending too much time on your phone, or if he wants your attention, he will bark directly at you. He does really well socially with good spirited, larger dogs that can tolerate some rough play. He spends his time harassing the other dogs, chasing bugs and moths in the yard, and chewing on the toy du jour. Like many deaf dogs, Z demonstrates some OCD behaviors but they are fairly mild and easily managed.


Z came to us as a 1-year old pup after being passed around a lot due to “behavioral issues”; his deafness had only been noticed about a month before we took him into our home. At the time my wife and I were running a local animal rescue; with our animal handling experience and a lack of any other fosters willing to take him on – given his reputation as a wild man – we took him into our home where we joined our motley crew of 8 foster/personal dogs. Of those 8 dogs, 5 were special needs and 2 were seniors. Within the first week we had established some basic commands with Z, which came naturally since we have always used hand signals with our dogs. By the end of a couple of months he was a changed dog, much more confident with an understanding of the rules and boundaries. Now – after two years – we are able to have fairly complex conversations with Z and he can walk on leash reasonably well without getting too frustrated at his tether. He has learned to play fetch, and will return the ball once he trusts you aren’t taking it away from him. Z has come a very long way from the rouge puppy he was, but he has a long way to go. Unfortunately, because of our house full of special needs perma-foster dogs (all of whom we love dearly), Z would be better off where he can receive more one-on-one with his person.

An ideal home for Z will have a person he can be with whenever they are home. Z is well house trained and can handle being kenneled for a work day as needed, but would preferably have access to an indoor/outdoor area. Z does well with larger, playful, easy-going dogs; pets that do not get angry when they get stepped on or run-over. Since he misses a lot of vocal cues, Z thinks other dogs are attacking him out of the blue and may become defensive. With more one on one attention Z will really flourish. He has an amazing capacity for vocabulary and with proper motivation – he is strongly praise motivated – Z can be incredibly focused. We have no doubt that he is infinitely trainable, loyal, and loving.

Z’s adoption fee is $150.00 and all potential homes must be screened and you must meet the dog in person. Contact J or Erika to get a blank adoption application to fill out to be considered. They can be reached at