Meet adoptable deaf one year old Border Collie puppy Wonder who is in need of a loving home where she is the only pet with someone who will make daily positive reinforcement training/socialization a priority and always keep her safe. She tends to push the buttons of the other dogs in her current home so the family feels it would be best to find her a loving forever home where she is the only pet with someone committed to her training/socialization and enrichment. Border Collies are very smart and get bored easily so she would do best in a home with someone who is active and gives her a fun job to do (like agility, lure coursing, tricks training, nose-work, rally, or toss and fetch).

From her caregiver: Wonder is a border collie less than one year old. Fully house and crate trained. This is the full story of this fur baby. She knows sign for come, sit, drop it, and good girl. Even trained to come at night to a flashing light. She’s not food aggressive with people but very when it comes to other dogs. She enjoys fetch and cuddling with no other dog around. She is very high energy and needs to be in a home with no other dogs or animals. We took her in to try to curb her aggression towards our other dogs but have had no luck in that dept. This is our final hope to get her somewhere where she can prosper. We don’t want to put her down but can’t have her starting fights with our other dogs. She’s already cause one significant vet bill.

Wonder’s adoption fee is $200 (which doesn’t even cover her vetting because she is spayed) and you must live within a four hour driving distance of Loretto KY.