Meet adoptable deaf dog Winnie who is looking for a loving family or person who will cherish her and always keep her safe.

From her current caregiver:

Winnie is a 4 year old dog (completely deaf) and after having a rough start in life, she’s hoping for a second chance with a family of her own. She is a loving and loyal companion that loves the life of a family pet.

I think Winnie does best in a home by herself, we are unsure of how she is with smaller critters but she doesn’t seem to phased by much of anything.

Winnie loves long walks, her perspective family needs to be ready to give her the exercise she needs. Here, in her foster home she takes a 30-60 min walk in the morning and another decent walk before bed. She is crate trained (though she sometimes cries for about ten minutes before settling down)

Winnie loves to play, but I wouldn’t say she is a particularly hyper dog. To be honest, I envision her as an emotional support dog one day. I think she would be great with she has done great with veterans and children, I think she would be great for anyone in need of a sweet lady to pet & love. She is great kids and is an all around gentle dog.