Meet adoptable deaf Australian Cattle Dog Winnie who is currently looking for a loving forever home with someone who will cherish her, continue to teach her new things and always keep her safe.

From her rescue: Winnie, is a PETITE, Australian Cattle Dog/Heeler with the most beautiful blue eyes and unique MERLE-colored coat, is very shy and nervous when in any new situation because of her inability to hear “CUES” that most hearing dogs can. Once Winnie comes out of her shell she is a sweet and cuddly girl. Winnie grew up on a ranch with her Mom who is also deaf. At 5 months old the ranch hand who they were living with was laid off because of COVID19 and he moved into a motel where he couldn’t keep the dogs. Winnie’s Mom went to a Rescue on the Central Coast of CA and Winnie came to Animal Rescue of Tracy.

We are looking for a confident owner who can understand Winnie’s needs and will continue her training, including — but not limited to — teaching her hand-signals and using other recommended techniques for training a deaf dog. Winnie startles easily, so she will need someone who she can learn to trust and has patience with her. Winnie will do best in a home where she is the only animal and there are no young children. Because she is a herding breed, she instinctively tried to herd young children and other dogs, but because she can’t hear cues, she can’t tell when this is not appreciated until it becomes an “issue”. Older children, much like adults, can gain Winnie’s trust through patience and use of hand signals or other techniques.

Winnie is presently receiving training at K9 Development in Tracy, CA and has been doing very well. Arrangements can be made to meet Winnie and talk with K9 Development staff for those who could be potential adopters by meeting established criteria.