Meet Wiggles, a super cute 6 year old, 12 lb, female poodle mix who is looking for a very special family. Wiggles was diagnosed with an ear infection when she came to Second Chance Dog Rescue, and a Vet check showed she had a history of chronic ear infections which had likely been untreated, leaving her almost completely deaf. The Vet believes the infections were probably due to an allergy to chicken, so she will need to have a chicken-free and grain-free diet for the rest of her life.

Wiggles’ hearing loss has not dampened her playful spirit and her love of people. She is very sweet and affectionate with everyone and gets along well with other dogs. She is housebroken and uses a doggy door. She prefers to be around her people and would do best with a family that is home during the day, or would take her with them when they went out.

She has some separation anxiety and will bark if left alone, but she is okay being crated for short periods of time. Wiggles will require regular grooming for her poodle hair, but she doesn’t shed and is hypoallergenic. She is spayed, microchipped and up to date on her shots. Wiggles will be available for local (San Diego County) adoption only. Her adoption fee is $250.