Update 9/04/19: Walter is now with the Midwest Animal ResQ in Raytown MO. Walter is a loyal dog that loves having a good time but also enjoys a good nap. Don’t let Walter’s old man looks fool you, he has enough energy to keep you on your toes. Walter enjoys going on runs, playing catch, and tug of war. Walter would do best in an active home that will keep him safe. Like most deaf dogs, Walter is a Velcro dog and will always be within eyesight. He enjoys cuddling but also enjoys his “me” time but never goes far away.


Walter knows basic hand signal commands and will do anything for a treat. He is house broken, and crate trained but does have slight separation anxiety when you first leave the house.

Walter is good with other dogs, often spends time at Dog Pawz Doggie Day Care, but can get defensive in his own space or on a tight leash. Walter can resource guard so feeding him by himself is a must. He also is more protective around other male dogs. Walter is great with dogs in neutral situations (outside of his own house) where he can have space and not feel like another dog is trying to take things from him.

Re-homing Walter has been a difficult decision and our family is heartbroken. Our family has gone through a lot with Walter, and Walter has been put through a lot with our family. Walter is being re-homed due to his interactions with young kids. He would do best in a house without young children, and with adults that can work and understand Walter’s behaviors.

Walter deserves the best and has a lot of love to give.  His adoption fee is $100, and adopters must live within a 2-hour drive of Overland Park, Kansas.