Meet adoptable deaf senior rocker dog Walt Whitman who is looking for a loving home with someone who will cherish him the rest of his golden years and always keep him safe.

From the his rescue: Like his namesake, Walt Whitman contains multitudes, all of them equally endearing. He is content with– and seems to be in awe of– the simple pleasures of life: a good sunning on the porch, a clean bowl of water, a safe crate with a soft bed to call his own, and a spot next to you on the sofa where he can curl up for head rubs. He hops the sweetest little hop when the cupboard opens for mealtime or the leash comes off the hook for his afternoon stroll. On those outings, Walt takes his time to smell the flowers and fallen leaves–somehow every time getting a souvenir adorably stuck on his nose. We’ve never once heard him bark or whine! The loudest noise 10-year-old Mr. Whitman makes is befitting of a spritely old man with a heart of gold: a barely audible, totally charming grumble. He does this to express his distaste when he’s tolerating baths and nail trims like the resilient champ he is.

Walt’s energy is low-to-medium, topping out in short bursts of submissive senior play or when he’s exploring new horizons with his impressive coon hound nose. His dream forever home would provide a secure fenced-in yard, a canine companion or two, plenty of time for snuggling naps, and regular sniffing walks. He would be happy with apartment life as long as he gets to go on regular outings each day. Walt offers all-embracing love, friendship, and a gently wagging tail to everyone who crosses his path– from humans young and old to other dogs. With this golden ray of light as your canine companion, you’ll have an easy time remembering the poet Walt Whitman’s advice to ‘Keep your face always toward the sunshine.’

History: Walt Whitman came from a rural shelter. He was dumped over the fence into the exercise yard at a totally full high-kill shelter and was pulled on the day he was scheduled to be put to sleep. Some of his basic needs were cared for, but the rope scars around his neck and extreme emaciation upon rescue suggest that he was tied out, forgotten, and starved until his neglectful owners decided to discard him altogether. His canine teeth are cleanly cut down to half their length, which is a cruel and sadly common practice among hunters. Walt is a miracle. He has such a warm and loving heart despite a life full of poor treatment.

Good with Dogs: Yes
Good with Cats: Unknown
Good with Young Kids: Yes
Good with Older Kids: Yes

Health Information: Walt Whitman is current on all vaccinations. His biggest health concern is his teeth, but thankfully this issue can be fully resolved with dental surgery. This procedure, along with his neutering, will be complete before adoption. Walt is luckily only faint HW+, which does not present an obstacle to his adoption. He is on track with the gentlest treatment (a double dose of Ivermectin each month), does not require activity restriction, and is expected to test negative within a year. Walt is deaf, but it’s such a minor issue in terms of day-to-day care that it only dawned on his foster parents after they’d known him two weeks. Deaf dogs very attentively watch their humans. This means they’re highly responsive to visual commands. Canine comprehension of 300+ words translates to American Sign Language! This is a great opportunity for his forever family to learn new things together while bonding with Walt.

Adoption Info: The rescue group under which Walt is being fostered is Independent Animal Rescue of Durham. They require home visits for all adoptions, so adopters must live within 90 miles of Durham. IAR subsidizes post-adoption professional training with Jane Marshall ( to encourage a life-long and successful bond between the dog and the adopter. Group classes for puppies and adult dogs are provided at a substantial discount to IAR adopters.

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