Meet adoptable deaf dog Turbo who is wishing, praying and hoping for a loving forever home with someone who will cherish him and always keep him safe. Will it be you?

From his shelter advocate: I am the animal welfare specialist and part time dog tech at the Good Shepherd Humane Society in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. We have a deaf dog named Turbo that has been with us since August of 2022. His training has been going great, I have worked with him personally on hand signals and he is a super smart and wonderful dog. Unfortunately, he is experiencing kennel frustration which is brining about some reactivity that is not good for him.


This kennel frustration of course happens naturally as he has been with us for so long. We have been having a really hard time finding an adopter for him since a lot of adopters find just the idea of a deaf dog to be daunting, even though his training has been going so well. He has been out on a foster for about a week and did really well, all of his frustration behaviors disappeared in a home. He does well with other dogs and kids. I am hoping that posting on resources like this will help him find his forever home. If you decide to give him a chance, he loves fetch, tug of war, and puzzle toys. He will play with you for hours if you let him. He has a sweet disposition and a loving face.