We get so many emails here at DDR asking the question “where can I find a dog trainer who specializes in training deaf dogs?”. My answer is always the same; you don’t need a special deaf dog trainer because your deaf dog is # 1. a DOG  first, #2. a BREED second, #3. DEAF dog third.

The fact that your dog is deaf should not effect the way you select a trainer. You will still look for and use Positive Reinforcement training methods with your deaf dog. The only difference in the training your deaf dog will be the need to tweak your training program to communicate with your deaf dog visually instead of verbally (you will start with “watch me” training and “beginning sign training” on your own before you meet with a trainer).

Trainer/Author Terrie Hayward has some great information for all of you on how to select a trainer to build a solid training foundation for your deaf dog.

Once again please welcome our guest blogger Terrie Hayward! Terrie is the owner of PAW-Positive Animal Wellness, LLC . She is a professional dog trainer who shares her life with her deaf dog Blanca and is active in helping deaf dogs in need of rescue or training. Terrie recently released her new book “A Deaf Dog Joins The Family” about training, education, and communication for a smooth transition.

Happy Training! ~ Christina Lee – Deaf Dogs Rock